Two people suffer life-threatening injuries after stolen truck collides with other vehicles

On Thursday, an Amarillo police officer in an unmarked white Ford Taurus police vehicle, equipped with an interior light bar, was driving eastbound on I-40 at Georgia Street. The officer observed a silver Toyota Tacoma coming up behind them driving very quickly and recklessly.

In an attempt to get the driver to slow down before the construction zone, the officer activated the emergency lights on the vehicle. The driver of the Tacoma then exited the highway across the grass median towards the south frontal road.

The officer lost sight of the Tacoma due to traffic on the highway and did not initaite a pursuit.

At 1:59 PM, APD officers were dispatched to a major motor vehicle collision at I-40 and Crockett Street. Upon their arrival they discovered 3 vehicles were involved.

A 2008 silver Toyota Tacoma driven by a 22 year old male was eastbound on the I-40 south frontal road at a high rate of speed. He disregarded a stop sign for eastbound traffic and struck a 2016 Toyota Highlander driven by a 76 year old male and a 2012 Toyota Tundra driven by a 35 year old male.

The Tundra was knocked sideways and rolled on the grass median striking a tree. The driver of the Tundra was taken to a local area hospital with life threatening injuries. A child passenger from the Tundra was taken to a local area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver of the Tacoma was transported to a local area hospital also with life threatening injuries. The driver of the Highlander was uninjured.

Officers found that the 2008 silver Toyota Tacoma had been reported stolen earlier in the day from a motel in the 3600 block of Amarillo Boulevard East.

Speed and narcotics use are factors in this collision. The incident is being investigated by the Traffic Investigation Squad of the Amarillo Police Department.

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