Canyon Fire Department battles large blaze west of Conner Park

Late Wednesday night, the Canyon Fire Department responded to a grass fire west of Conner Park. Conner Park is the location of the city's annual fireworks show.

Witnesses said the fire broke out shortly after the conclusion of the fireworks show around 14th Street and Creekmere Drive. Firefighters had the blaze contained within 1 hour.

Randall County Fire Marshal Troy Ducheneaux confirmed the fire was started by fireworks. Ducheneaux went on to say investigators can not determine if the Canyon Chamber of Commerce fireworks show at Conner Park sparked the blaze.

"We do not know, and we probably will never know if that fire was started by consumer fireworks or the Chamber's professionally done fireworks. We can't eliminate either one of them.

"At no time did it officially cause any problems with threatening any residences directly or any problems like that," Ducheneaux said.

Ducheneaux acknowledged that it took firefighters a little longer to respond to the fire because of  traffic congestion caused buy the fireworks show.

"Some of the delay, in response, was the ability to actually get trucks in to the area. That was in part because of the amount of traffic in the area, the show starting to be let out, pedestrian traffic.

"So it just took a little longer to get that equipment in there because of the congestion itself," Ducheneaux said.

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