APD to start hosting monthly community crime prevention programs

On Tuesday, the Amarillo Police Department announced it will begin hosting monthly community crime prevention programs. APD Cpl. Jeb Hilton said the goal of the program is to get citizens involved in helping to keep Amarillo neighborhoods safe.

"I am planning on starting a monthly community crime prevention program. I will cover a different topic every month and will pick topics on what I am seeing or hearing about the most at that time.

"My plan is to start this some time mid August and to meet at a library or a larger place if there is enough interest shown. These programs will be free of charge and provided by me as a service to our great city.

"Some of the topics I can think of right off hand are Scams, Burglary Prevention, Theft Prevention, Home Safety, Personal Safety, General Crime in Amarillo, Starting a Neighborhood Watch, and Talking to Your Child About Online Safety, just to name a few.

"The best way to make and keep our community safe is by everyone getting involved," Hilton said.

All of the programs will be free of charge to the public, and will begin in August. The APD will announce the location and time of each event on social media and through local news outlets.

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