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Trump says he and Kim Jong Un 'discussed' human rights

President Trump said the issue of human rights was raised in his conversation with Kim Jong Un, though human rights were not a factor in the document the two signed.

"It was discussed," Trump said, adding that the issue was discussed "relatively briefly."

While reports of abuses have been many, much of the evidence stems from defectors from the isolated regime not from reports done by observers in-country. Experts have said the approach of focusing on nuclear issues first and human rights later is a mistake, not just morally but strategically.

Trump had said a few days ago that the issue of prison camps, so-called gulags, “could” come up but two officials told NBC News that the president will not bring up the issue. He has said that if North Korea agrees to halt developing its nuclear weapons development program, security and financial aid is guaranteed - not necessarily by the US, but partners in the Asia region.

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