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Rudy Giuliani: Mueller's team trying to 'frame' President Trump

Rudy Giuliani says special counsel Robert Mueller's team is trying to frame President Donald Trump. Giuliani, who has been serving as Trump's lawyer, says that Mueller's team is "trying very, very hard" to frame Trump.

Giuliani said Mueller’s team, tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegations that the Trump campaign colluded in those efforts, is composed of “13 highly partisan Democrats ... (who) are trying very, very hard to frame him to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong.”

The remarks by the former mayor, now a member of the president’s legal team, were made at the Globes capital market conference and reported by The Associated Press.

Giuliani’s remarks echoed the rhetoric regularly employed by the president, who often characterizes Mueller’s team as “13 angry Democrats” even though Mueller himself is a registered Republican. Trump has regularly said that the special counsel’s probe is a politically motivated “witch hunt” invented by embarrassed Democrats as an excuse for Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss in the 2016 election.

Trump has been insistent that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russian government and that it was actually Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, both of whom partially funded a dossier of incendiary but unverified information compiled by a former British intelligence officer.

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