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Historic Route 66 signs unveiled in Amarillo

The new Route 66 Historic Route signs were unveiled in Amarillo on Wednesday.

Route 66 through Texas has been a famous highway for many years, however, until Rep. Four Price introduced House Bill 978, it was never an official historic corridor. Sen. Kel Seliger sponsored the companion bill in the Texas Senate.

Following the passage of the bill, the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council spearheaded the effort to receive support for the final sign design through the impacted Texas county historical commissions and finally, the endorsement of the Texas Historical Commission.

Each area along Texas Route 66 is responsible for the costs of purchase and installation of the signs in their area. The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council, working with the City of Amarillo, has purchased the signs for the Amarillo area.

“Texas was the last state from Illinois to California to formally declare Route 66 a historic corridor” said Rep. Four Price. “We are excited to be here to witness the culmination of these efforts.”

Sen. Kel Seliger concurred, “The Mother Road, Route 66, is an important part of Texas Panhandle history. It was past time for this acknowledgement.”

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