Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson responds to Tri-State Fair Parade controversy

On Wednesday, Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson responded to the recent controversy concerning the annual Tri-State Fair Parade.

"The Tri-State Fair announced yesterday that they were cancelling the parade this fall. One of the reasons they gave is the cost involved with security, traffic management,and barricades.

"Last year, the city notified all organizations who have pulled parade permits that we were making a change and needed them to share in the cost.

"The city issued more than 90 parade permits in the past 12 months and the cost of those has a significant impact on our public safety budget. Any event that requires traffic management or barricades needs a parade permit. This would include fun runs and other events, and is not limited to a typical parade. It makes sense to have revenue generating events help share in the cost of their event.

"To my knowledge, no other organizations have cancelled their event.

"When we notified Tri-State Fair of the change, we offered to help them find a private donor to cover that cost. I understand they have accepted a gift to cover the costs and we will respect the Tri-State Fair's decision as they determine whether or not they continue the tradition of having a Tri-State Fair Parade," Nelson posted on Facebook..

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  1. I believe The primary concern was allocation of resources as in mail on the ground. What is the difference between having man on the ground, and the city paying for it, versus a private organization paid for it? It is still a consumption of human resources.


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