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Trump claims FBI spied on his campaign but does not provide evidence

President Trump is repeating claims that the FBI spied on his campaign but has not provided evidence. He's dubbed the issue "Spygate."

Reports surfaced of an FBI informant being in contact with several Trump campaign officials in 2016, and Trump has seized on the reports to claim, without providing evidence, that the FBI planted a spy within his campaign. He issued several calls for the Department of Justice (DoJ) to investigate.

In a fresh morning salvo via Twitter, Trump – who is no stranger to hyperbole – said what he called “SPYGATE” could be “one of the biggest political scandals in history”.

The president has consistently labelled Mueller’s investigation – which is also looking into possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russia – as a “witch hunt”, insisting there was “no collusion”.

Such pressure seems to have finally had an impact, with a meeting to be held at the White House on Thursday between top government officials and two Republican legislators to allow members of Congress to review classified information relating to the spying claims. No Democrats have been invited to the meeting.

With the DoJ having asked the inspector general to widen an already open investigation into the conduct of the FBI in order to include the spy claims, Trump suggested the tables had now been turned on those investigating his campaign, writing: ”What goes around, comes around!”

In his number of tweets, Trump referred to those investigating him as the “Criminal Deep State,” a term that has become popular with Trump and his supporters to describe long-serving unelected officials whom they claim are out to undermine his presidency.

According to reports, the FBI source Mr Trump is referring to is Stefan Halper, a former University of Cambridge professor and long-time Republican. There has been no evidence yet to suggest that a source had been inserted into the Trump campaign, but it is believed that Halper did have contact with at least three campaign advisers.

In an interview on Tuesday, former director of the national intelligence James Clapper said that the FBI had never spied on the Trump campaign.

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