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Texas woman who killed husband with car set free

A woman who fatally ran over her husband outside a hotel after finding him with his mistress has been freed from a Texas prison. Clara Harris, a former dentist, served 15 years for murder in the 2002 death of her husband, David.

Harris smiled as she was greeted by close friends waiting to pick her up in an SUV at the Crane Unit in Gatesville, Texas.

"I'm glad she's getting out," said her former defense attorney George Parnham last month. "I wish it would have happened sooner."

Harris has served 15 years behind bars for her husband's murder. Harris tracked her husband and his mistress to the hotel and ran over him with her Mercedes Benz.

Their teenage daughter was in the car and testified against her mother.

The videotaped incident at the Nassau Bay Hilton made national headlines.

Parnham confirmed the parole was granted in November. Parnham says he wishes Harris nothing but the best and believes she'll be able to adjust well to life back in society.

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