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Rudy Giuliani helping or hurting President Trump?

By Dan Butcher

Many people are asking if Rudy Giuliani is helping or hurting President Donald Trump?

Considering Giuliani has publicly reversed the President’s original statements regarding the Cohen/Stormy Daniels issue, I’d say he’s hurt Trump rather significantly.

Previously, Cohen stated that he had paid Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford using his own funds, and that Trump had not repaid him for this. Trump also stated that he knew nothing about it, and that questions regarding the issue should be directed to Michael Cohen.

Now Giuliani has stepped up and said that Trump did repay Cohen, but worse still, that he only became aware of the payment after Cohen had paid Daniels.

That’s dumping them both into significant trouble: it’s a likely violation of campaign finance laws (which was always the case), but now both Cohen and Trump can be shown to have lied about it: not under oath, but to the press, where is sufficient documentation that such can be presented as evidence.

Cohen’s already likely to be in trouble for acting on his client’s behalf without due authorisation from his client.

Of course, Trump is now denying that the money was a campaign contribution, but he does not get to decide what constitutes such, and given that the money was used to cover up a potentially-damaging story about Trump less than two weeks before the presidential election, it can well be interpreted as such.

Yeah, Giuliani is on the attack (just as Trump would like), but as Trump normally does when on attack mode, he’s only making matters worse.

In the mean time I am going to sit back and enjoy this reality TV show.

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