Panhandle Safe Havyen Equine Rescue needs your help after buildings damaged by wind

The folks out at the Panhandle Safe Havyen Equine Rescue are in need of some help from the public after some of the organizations buildings were recently damaged by high winds.

"I swear sometimes I want to give up so bad I can hardly stand it!

"Seems we have a little wind shear or something that blew right through two of our three locations last night it took my neighbors roof off and flipped one of our shelters it took my roof off and then at the second place it took the tack room and shelter roof off and laid it in the neighbors yard we may need some building help if anybody is interested in helping us.

"As you can see we now have an open air tack room," the organization posted on its Facebook page.

Panhandle Safe Havyen Equine Rescue will be tearing down and replacing several old stalls.

"We will be tearing down the old stalls at Chapman and replacing them. They are rusted out, so now is the time!

"If you have experience and want to help, we can sure use you! It will have to be done mostly in the evenings after I get off work.

"Anybody that wants to make a donation towards supplies, we would certainly appreciate that too!" the organization said.

If you would like to help, please contact call Terri Gammage at (806) 681-5161.

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