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Off-duty cop pulls gun on man buying candy at California convenience store

An off-duty police officer pulled his gun on a man buying candy at a convenience store in Southern California. The officer apparently thought a crime was happening, but he was wrong. The man and his family don't want the mistake to be swept under the rug.

The simple convenience store purchase escalated into a potentially deadly dispute when an off-duty police officer pulled his weapon on a man over a $1.19 pack of candy, and the victim of the harassment says he doesn't want this incident to get swept under the rug. CBS Los Angeles reports security video clearly shows Jose Arreola paying for a roll of Mentos at a Buena Park convenience store.

A man later identified as a city police officer out of uniform walks in after Arreola puts the candy in his pocket, prompting the officer to tell him, "Hey, give that back. I'm a police officer."

At that point, the officer pulls out a handgun from his sweater pocket, stunning Arreola, who quickly puts the candy back on the counter. "Oh, I paid for it!" exclaims Arreola.

The officer then tells Arreola, "Get your cash and leave," before Arreola again protests, "I paid for it."

The officer asks the clerk if he did, in fact, pay for the candy. After he asks the clerk the same question multiple times, the officer says, "My apologies. My apologies."

"You know who I am, right?" the officer asks the clerk. "Yeah, I know," he responds.

They were tense moments Arreola feels were fueled by the officer's lack of respect for him.

"The hardest thing for me was, believe it or not, it wasn't really the gun," said Arreola, pausing as he seems almost overcome by emotion. "It was his arrogance, his way of talking to me. […] He treated me like a piece of trash."

The March 16 incident occurred while Arreola's wife waited in their car. The couple filed a complaint against the City of Buena Park the following day, which led to the discovery of the video.

In a Facebook post, Buena Park Police Chief Corey Sianez said, “We were aware of this incident after it occurred and we immediately began conducting an administrative investigation into the conduct of the officer involved.”

Chief Sianez added, “I want you to know that after I watched the video I found it to be disturbing, as I’m sure it was to you. However, because there is an ongoing personnel investigation and potential litigation pending against the city, I am unable to discuss the details of our investigation.”

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