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Mother arrested in Wheeler County for abandoning child on I-40

On 05/06/2018, the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 3:30 A.M. of a vehicle in the ditch on I-40 with its lights on and no one around it. When deputies arrived, they opened the back door on the vehicle to an infant in a car seat crying.

The infant was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

Law enforcement officials began trying to locate the driver of the vehicle. It was found that the driver had stopped at a hotel in Shamrock around 11 P.M. and left around 1 A.M. Cameras were reviewed and deputies tried getting the driver’s location using a cell phone number that was used to check into the hotel.

While looking for the driver, the Sheriff’s Office received another call from a motorist on I-40 of a female laying in the grass on the side of the interstate near Daberry Road, about three miles from where the car had been located.

Sheriff Crites located the female at Daberry Road and I-40. It was determined that she was the mother of the infant that had been left in the vehicle. She was arrested for Abandoning a Child Imminent Danger.

The child was evaluated by the hospital and was unharmed and in good health, and released to the custody of CPS.

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