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Five finalist revealed in Amarillo Professional Baseball's name the team contest

Amarillo Professional Baseball has named the five finalist in its "Name the Team" sweepstakes. The finalists were chosen from over 3,000 entries.

“We were overwhelmed with the unique and incredible stories that were told by fans.

“This process has displayed the true passion that this community has for Amarillo, the Panhandle, and the state of Texas. We inched over every word in every submission and believe these top five names encompass all that we heard and read from this community," Tony Ensor, President and General Manager of Amarillo Professional Baseball, said.

The five finalists are:

Amarillo Boot Scooters - The Boot Scooters combines Amarillo's genuine welcoming attitude with its fun western heritage.

Amarillo Bronc Busters - Amarillo has deep cowboy roots and the Bronc Busters honors the community's resilient, independent spirit.

Amarillo Jerky - Commemorating its famous cattle drive, there's only one region that can lay claim to the "Beef Capital of the World."

Amarillo Long Haulers - Long Haulers celebrates Amarillo's famous Route 66, open roads, wind-bent trees, and the fun of Minor League Baseball.

Amarillo Sod Poodles - A pioneer's nickname for the "Prairie Dogs," this fun-loving local animal is very aggressive in protecting its family and home.

The public can vote for their favorite from the five until June 13. You can cast your vote here.

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