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FC Amarillo announces name the team contest

On Thursday, the FC Amarillo soccer club announced its name the team contest.

"Several months ago when we met to announce our newest addition to the 806 Pro Sports family the energy and buzz was insane. Our first exhibition game was a success and we expect nothing less for our game this Sunday.

"We want to remind you that there are two locally owned and operated professional sports team in Amarillo. The Amarillo Venom who has had many successful years and is headed to the playoffs this season and now our newest team, the FC Amarillo.

"We want to give Amarillo and the surrounding areas a chance to name our professional soccer team. Not only will the winner get bragging rights they’ll also get season tickets for life. We want to give locals a chance to name their professional soccer team.

"You’ll be able to cast your vote on our Facebook page and we’ll pull the best 15 names for our fans to vote on. We’re excited about this contest and can’t wait to hear what your choices are.

"Remember, both of your locally owned professional sports teams are on this turf this weekend here at the Civic Center. The Venom on Saturday at 6 and the soon to be newly named FC Amarillo on Sunday at 4," the team posted on Facebook.

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