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Dozens killed in Palestinian protests

Gaza's Health Ministry says the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire near the Gaza border has reached 37.

The demonstrations were called to mark the official unveiling Monday of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, which has been relocated from Tel Aviv in a controversial move that has been praised by Israelis but has enraged Palestinians.

Most of the dead were killed by Israeli fire near the border. Reporters at the scene heard gunfire in spurts and saw a tank moving towards the fence in the border area of Malaka. Israeli drones also dropped tear gas over a crowd of protesters.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 1,600 had suffered injuries, and that many of the dead had not yet been identified.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a statement Monday accusing the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, of "leading a terrorist operation" and inciting protesters who had amassed by the border fence with Israel to conduct what Israel described as terror attacks.
The IDF estimated that around 35,000 people -- who it describes as "violent rioters" -- had assembled in 12 different locations along the border fence between Gaza and Israel and thousands more were gathered in a tent city about a kilometer from the border.

The military said the protesters threw Molotov cocktails, burned tires, and stones at Israeli soldiers positioned along the fence. The IDF also says it foiled an attack by three armed Palestinians near Rafah, close to the border with Egypt, during "a particularly violent demonstration."

Demonstrators say they want to highlight their right to return to homes lost by their ancestors during the war that accompanied the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.

Israel says the demonstrations are orchestrated by Hamas and has insisted its forces are acting "according to standard operating procedures."

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