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Amarillo Police Department warns public about scams

The APD Crime Prevention Unit has received several calls today of scammers claiming to be from the Apple Company. The caller is telling the person that there has been a breach and that the persons phone or computer has been compromised. The caller then asks the victim to verify their personal information including their social security number or financial information. APD wants everone to know that this is a scam and Apple will not send out any emails or call you requesting personal information.

APD gets calls daily about possible phone scams. We continue to get callers who have been contacted by someone claiming to be with the IRS. This caller tells people that if they do not pay a certain amount of money that the police will come and arrest them. This is a scam. The IRS will never call you and demand that owed taxes be paid over the phone and the police will not come and arrest you. The IRS will always send a letter in the mail and give several options to pay.

Another often seen scam is the law enforcement scam. A law enforement agency will never call and demand that you pay a warrant over the phone. If you ever receive a phone call from a company or business that is demanding you pay right then over the phone you should be leery. You should be leery of any company that calls you asks you to provide your personal information over the phone. You should be leery of any company that asks for you to pay for anything in ITunes or Green Dot Cards.

If you are ever suspicious of a caller you can always hang up. If it is a company that you use then you can find a number and call them back to verify that they have called you. If it is not a company that you use you can block the number or not answer if they call back. Every year thousands of people lose money to these phone scammers and they will continue to call as long as there is a chance they can make some money. Be cautious and never give out personal information. If you have been the victim of a scam (monetary loss) call the Amarillo Police Department to report it. If you have been contacted but have not fallen victim to a scam there is no reason to call the police. These can be reported at

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