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5-year-old boy gets police escort to school after dad killed in line of duty

A 5-year-old Indiana boy whose father was killed in the line of duty received a special police escort on his first day back to school.

Dakota Pitts really didn't want to show up to school alone.

It was his first day back to class since his police officer dad was killed in the line of duty.

So, Dakota asked his mom whether one of his dad's fellow police officers could escort him to Sullivan Elementary School in western Indiana.
He's unlikely to forget what he saw as he walked up to the school building Monday.

Some 70 police officers showed up, standing in support as he walked in -- wearing a yellow backpack and his dad's police badge around the neck.
The officers weren't just from Terre Haute, where Dakota's dad Rob Pitts was an officer.

They came from other departments as well.

Rob Pitts, a veteran of Terre Haute police department, was shot and killed as he responded to a call at an apartment complex on May 4.

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