Pampa teacher caught videoing students without their knowledge

On Monday, the Pampa Independent School District released a statement confirming that a Pampa Jr. High School teacher was videoing students in the classroom without notifying students, parents, or  administration officials.

"On Friday, January 26, 2018, The District learned that a Pampa Jr. High School teacher was using a video recorder to monitor student conduct in the classroom without prior notice to students, parents or the school administration.

"Use of the recording device was not authorized by the District and upon discovering students were being recorded, the administration took immediate corrective action, including removing the device from the classroom, notifying law enforcement and inspecting the classroom and other areas to ensure that there are no other unauthorized recording devices.

"The District has also advised parents of those affected students, and is planning additional steps with other staff to ensure that a similar incident is not repeated. The District will continue to fully cooperate with all authorities having jurisdiction over this matter as needed and to the fullest extent permitted by law.

"Please be assured that our students’ safety is paramount to the District.  Parents are valuable partners with the District in the education of their children. 

"Trust and openness are cornerstones of this relationship. For this reason, we encouraged the parents of the affected students to discuss their concerns about this matter with the school. 

"Also, we want to assure parents and the community that the district will continue to take appropriate measures to maintain a safe and secure environment, including video surveillance in common areas, including building exteriors, cafeterias, hallways and foyers. 

"However, the District only authorizes video recording of students in the classroom for instructional purposes and with the students’ knowledge.

"Due to state and federal privacy laws, the District will not disclose any further information concerning this matter.  Parents with concerns about their individual student should contact Mr. Nathan Maxwell at 806-669-4700," Pampa ISD Superintendent Tanya Larkin said in a statement.

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