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APD makes 10 DUI arrests over New Year's weekend

Between 12-29-2017 and 1-1-2018, the Amarillo Police Department made 10 DUI arrests.

The arrests were reported at Amarillo Boulevard and Martin Road, 7400 block Mosley, Olsen and Western, SE 7th and S. Taylor, SW 34th and Eddy, Western and Winchester, Georgia and Wolflin, Republic and Virginia, Bushland and Western, and 1900 S. Washington.

Last year, the APD logged 9 DUIs in the same time frame.

The DUI suspects came to the officers’ attention thorough violations including speeding, swerving into a lane without signaling, and wrong way on a one-way street. One driver was arrested passed out behind the wheel at a signal light, and another driver ran off the roadway into a tree.

No serious injuries were reported. There were no major accidents resulting in death or life-threatening injuries over the weekend inside the city over the holiday weekend.

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