Protesters in Gaza burn Trump in effigy

The notion that there  is something call a "Mideast Peace Process" is laughable. After decades of efforts by many parties, and multiple rounds of concessions from Israel, one thing is clear: the Palestinians don't want peace, just the explusion of Israel from the Middle East. In this, they are backed by Iran and its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas.

What is the point of preserving some fig leaf phony peace process? There is none. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and that is where the U.S.Embassy should be.

Watch and see if that doesn't bring the Palestinians to the peace table faster than any concessions or appeasement has.

Thousands of supporters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine demonstrated in Gaza City Saturday to protest President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Palestinian protesters clashed with Israeli police in Jerusalem on Saturday as violent fallout continued in response to President Donald Trumps recognition of the holy city as Israel's capital.

Jerusalem has always had a majority or a plurality Jewish population.  It is the historical city of the Jews dating back thousands of years (prior to that, it was the Canaanites, but they're not really around anymore....)

When the Jordanians and Palestinians controlled Jerusalem, they demonstrated their responsibility and tolerance by razing synagogues and destroying priceless historical Jewish artifacts, in a childish and clumsy attempt to erase evidence of Jewish civilization.  The Arabs killed or expelled Jews from the city including those whose families had been there since before Roman times.

It's only just that the Jews take back Jerusalem -- all of it.  By rights, they should have also demolished the Dome in 1967 and evicted the Arabs, but Moshe Dayan was feeling magnanimous.  Foolish error.

After decades of indoctrination and inflammatory speeches, books, television and radio broadcasts, the Arabs calling themselves "Palestinians" have forfeited any credibility.  Their supporters, including the liberals in the West, have lost all objectivity.

It's senseless to claim Jerusalem is anything but the capital of the Jewish nation.  The Arabs are merely posturing and trying to manipulate Western public opinion, but in back rooms they admit that it's been a Jewish city since antiquity, and at least the western portion of Jerusalem will absolutely remain part of Israel in any possible future peace settlement.  No one other than frothing-at-the-mouth extremists among the Left and among the Muslims (basically the same) seriously thinks otherwise.

President Trump is merely fulfilling one of his campaign promises; this is not a surprise announcement.  The Arabs no doubt are aware of the fierce domestic opposition to Trump and are playing to that audience, hoping to bring him down.

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