Multiple fires break out in North Amarillo: Now 100% contained

Fires have been contained. Fires have been stopped. Update from Amarillo Fire Department:

Back-burning operations were a success. Forward progression of this fire has been stopped.

Both fires (NW 20th fire and Smelter Road fire) have been stopped but will remain in the mop-up phase.

Great job AFD, Potter County Fire, Randall County Fire and Texas A&M Forest Service!

Update from APD: Officials have closed Hastings from North Western to Broadway due to the fires. Amarillo Boulevard West from McMasters to Western is being closed due to low visibility from smoke.

First responders on scene are reporting a lot of onlookers in the area. Please stay away from the area due to the possible dangers associated with this fire. The first responders need to be able to focus on extinguishing the fires and do not need the distraction of onlookers.

Please avoid the area or get away if you are close.

Update from AFD:. We have stopped the forward progress of this fire. We did lose a few out-buildings, but did not lose any houses.

Now, we are working on the fire west of Smelter road and north of Amarillo Blvd. At this time the fire is still approximately 1/2 to 3/4 north of Amarillo Blvd. We have started controlled back- burning operations to remove fuel from the oncoming fire's path.

From the Amarillo ISD: Due to the large grass fire in north Amarillo, these campuses are being evacuated to the following locations. Time 2:06 p.m.

1.Carver Elementary Academy students have been bussed to Austin Middle School at 1808 Wimberly Rd. Parents should make plans to pick up their Carver Elementary children at Austin Middle School when they can.

2. Carver Early Childhood Academy (ECA) students have been bussed to North Heights Alternative School at 607 N. Hughes. Parents should make plans to pick up their Carver ECA children at North Heights when they can.

3. AACAL students have been bussed to Houston Middle School at 815 S. Independence. We plan to bus the AACAL students from Houston to their home campus.

We will update this post if we have further instructions and information to pass along.

The Red Cross has opened a shelter for those evacuated from the fires in north Amarillo at Grace Church located at 4111 Plains Bvd

Update from the Texas Forest Service: Hastings Complex in Potter County is estimated at 200 acres with 0% containment. Fire has moderate fire behavior in grass and brush. An estimated 200 homes reported threatened.

Amarillo fire and police are responding to grass fires on Hastings Road between Western and Broadway. Some homes in the North Heights area around NW 18th are being evacuated.

The Carver Early Childhood Academy is being evacuated and the children are being bused to the North Heights Alternative School at NW 7th and Hughes. Parents can pick up their children there.

Please avoid the area of NW 18th at this time. More info will be put out when it is available.

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