Why all eyes are on Georgia's special election

The race between Jon Ossoff (D) and Karen Handel (R) for Georgia's sixth district Congressional seat has garnered nationwide attention.

$60 million. So that's the price of a House seat these days?

Perhaps the Republicans should have tapped someone a bit more charismatic than Ms. Handel, who is less than inspiring. A good Republican candidate, someone with some dynamism and charm backed by intelligence, would have won this election handily.

Now it comes out that her office botched the vote fiasco a few months ago, when a group of arrogant technicians operated an election database outside the regular university security network, and got hacked. This certainly casts doubt on her leadership abilities.

People should have more of a reason to vote for a Republican than simply the (R) after her name. Ossoff, with no experience and running merely as an anti-Trumper, might actually pull off a victory on Tuesday. Very poor showing, all around.

Democrats still can't believe that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. They're going to project that onto every election until the voters confirm how out-of-touch they are by rejecting their radical messages and pandering big government candidates.

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