Democrat congresswoman: We've become this identity politics

Many Democrats still can't believe that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. They're going to project that onto every election until the voters confirm how out-of-touch they are by rejecting their radical messages and pandering big government candidates.

The Democrats' spin of Tuesday night's special elections reminds me of the way Harry Caray used to announce games during those dark days of Cubs angst: "Well, folks, we're going into the bottom of the Ninth down 19 to 1, but here's the good news: There's still time to get beer at the concession stand!"

Today the Democrats are pretending to believe that they won some sort of moral victory in Georgia and South Carolina because the Republicans' margins last night were "much tighter than were the Republican victories in 2016."

What they're not saying is that these districts were held by the popular incumbents Tom Price and Mick Mulvaney who moved up into Trump's administration, so the Democrats did not mount serious challenges in 2016. They ran no-name candidates without funding.

Tuesday's elections were for open seats. The Democrats made them proxies for national referendums on Trump and pumped in tens of millions of dollars to back their candidates. And still they lost!

We do have a few Democrats starting to address the reality of what the party has actually become. On Wednesday,  congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) told MSNBC that she is "very concerned" that identity politics have hijacked the Democratic Party.

"We've become this identity politics. The Women's Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus.

"We've lost the sense of  ‘we,' that our strength comes in community.

"Nobody listened to me in the last election when I told them they weren't talking about the issues that really mattered in the Midwest.

"I don't know where I belong. I've said that. I sometimes feel like I have no home even in the Democratic Caucus here.

"If we don't figure out how we become ‘we' again, we're going to keep losing.

"We need to understand each of these groups have issues. I'm a woman, I've been discriminated against.

"But I know my power and strength is being part of a broader community where we all pull together and fight for an issue," Dingell said.

Democrats can fly in from their wealthy coastal enclaves and spend unlimited millions trying to buy votes and successfully sway the liberal media, but as long as they continue to focus on divisive identity politics; demonize honorable people who disagree with them; manipulate the legacy media with fabricated allegations; and refuse to cooperate on solving real problems faced by Americans, common sense voters will continue to reject the party's candidates.

The Democrats radical leftist agenda is not for all Americans. It is for isolated silos of people who have allowed themselves to become inflamed over the hue of somebody's integument or the language somebody's parents spoke before they came here to become Americans.

Democrats might try supporting the President we elected in getting important things done. They might also try formulating policies for all Americans, not just favored special interest groups.

Here is another bright idea, Democrats should try acknowledging the Constitutional limits to federal power. Until then, the majority of Americans don't want you.

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