EPA removes climate change pages from website

The Trump administration's timing on this was perfect. These pages were removed from the EPA’s website the day before the scheduled “Climate March”, that was funded and organized by George Soros-connected organizations.

EPA.gov, the website for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is undergoing changes that reflect the agency’s new direction under President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt. The process, which involves updating language to reflect the approach of new leadership, is intended to ensure that the public can use the website to understand the agency's current efforts. The changes will comply with agency ethics and legal guidance, including the use of proper archiving procedures. For instance, a screenshot of the last administration’s website will remain available from the main page.

“As EPA renews its commitment to human health and clean air, land, and water, our website needs to reflect the views of the leadership of the agency,” said J.P. Freire, Associate Administrator for Public Affairs. “We want to eliminate confusion by removing outdated language first and making room to discuss how we’re protecting the environment and human health by partnering with states and working within the law.”

The first page to be updated is a page reflecting President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy Independence, which calls for a review of the so-called Clean Power Plan. Language associated with the Clean Power Plan, written by the last administration, is out of date. Similarly, content related to climate and regulation is also being reviewed.

The EPA removed several pages related to climate change on Friday to “reflect the agency’s new direction under President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt.” All of the pages relating to climate change, climate science, and the impacts of climate change were replaced with a banner headline saying “this page is being updated.”

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