About that so called March for Science

Let's cut to the chase, these were anti-Trump marches. A lot of scientists stayed away, to avoid alienating that 50-60% of the population that supports Trump or at least votes Republican most of the time, and who pay taxes that pay for these scientists' salaries and research budgets.

I'm a big believer in science funding, but not in politicized science that supports social justice or other ideological agendas.  The EPA is an example of a pseudo-scientific agency that is ideologically guided rather than scientifically guided.  They have no sense of balance; one molecule of pollution is too much, and they will fine and sue companies out of existence with no hesitation.

Let us also not forget that Barack Obama cancelled Nasa's manned space launcher that was to replace the Shuttle.  Obama was forced by Congress to restore bits of the program (the Orion capsule), but he really had no interest in space. The former President didn't see it as advancing his social justice obsession.

In an ideal world, federal money for basic research would flow freely, and there would be strong career paths for brilliant young scientists.  Foreign students would fight to get into American schools and labs, to be part of this great effort. We had something close to this once, back in the 50s-60s.

But now the money simply isn't there and we're living on a credit card, borrowing ridiculous amounts just to maintain all the entitlements and keep the government from collapsing.  We need to jump-start our economy and get that money flowing again, and then we can go back to Big Science and thousands of grants that will push our knowledge of the universe forward, benefiting all humankind.

People rallied on a soggy Earth Day in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, conveying a message about scientific freedom without political interference.

Thousands of people braved bouts of downpours in Washington, D.C. as they marched downtown following speeches at the March for Science.

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