Road closures of U.S. 87 in Canyon moved back one week

On Monday, the Texas Department of Transportation delayed the closure of U.S. 87 in Canyon due to unsafe working conditions for BNSF workers caused by high winds. The new schedule of closures and work on the railway tracks will affect travel to and from the campus for a period of a couple of weeks.

Specifically, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) will now close a portion of U.S. 87 (23rd Street) into and out of Canyon beginning Monday, Jan. 30, for scheduled railway maintenance.

The road will be closed Monday through Wednesday, Jan. 30-Feb. 1 while work is done on the south tracks and will reopen on Thursday, Feb. 2. The following week work will be conducted on the north track and the road will be closed Monday through Wednesday, Feb. 6-Feb. 9, and will reopen Friday, Feb. 10, weather permitting. The work will entail removing the tracks and old decking and placing new decking and ballast.

Motorists should anticipate seeing barricades and construction signs installed on U.S. 87. Travelers to the north will be detoured on 4th Avenue to 15th Street north to U.S. 60. Those motorists traveling south will be detoured U.S. 60 to 15th Street and east on 4th Avenue to U.S. 87. UPD joins with TxDOT to encourage motorists to take alternate routes and obey all traffic barriers and signs as they are placed in an effort to warn the public of the road closure and to improve everyone’s safety.

Note to Amarillo Buff travelers: UPD recommends staying on U.S. Interstate 27 when coming to campus from Amarillo until the 4th Avenue, State Highway 217 exit, and then travel west on 4th Avenue to campus. When returning north to Amarillo, UPD recommends taking 4th Avenue east to U.S. Interstate 27 and using that ramp north to travel to Amarillo during the road closures. Do not forget the free shuttle service from the First United Bank Center parking lot to campus, as travelers come to campus from 4th Avenue.    

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