Could Obama have beaten Trump?

President Obama said during a recent interview that he could have defeated Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Maybe Obama could have beaten Trump, but I'm skeptical.  Look at him.  He couldn't get his chosen successor elected even after campaigning for her more energetically than has any president in history.

Indeed one might ask:  was it ethical for a sitting President to campaign for someone on the taxpayers' dime?  Was it a good precedent to set?

We all paid for him to fly around in Air Force One and make speeches for Hillary.  And none of this "Hillary's campaign paid for it" -- between the flights,  Secret Service details sweeping the site before he arrives, advisors in tow, traffic blocked for half mile radius -- it costs us a couple million bucks just for him to give a speech.

What's even worse, he demeaned himself and the office of the President by jumping into the mud pit.  Every President tries to support his party, sure, but this was extreme and never before have we witnessed such a crass use of high office.  These people claiming that Trump will demean the Presidency -- they're utter hypocrites.  Go away, Obama.  Just go away, already.

The big reason Obama won in 2008 was that we’d be electing our first African American president, and that appealed to a lot of Americans. The big reason he won re-election in 2012, apart from Romney’s “47%” comments late in the game, is that just enough Americans didn’t want our first African American president to become another Jimmy Carter.

Obama had a lot to defend, and Trump would have been merciless. Let’s keep the day-dreaming realistic. I’m just very happy with the reality we have.
Dan Butcher

Dan Butcher is the editor and publisher of High Plains Pundit. Dan is also the host of the popular High Plains Pundit Podcast.

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