DA: DNA to be retested in JonBenet Ramsey case

DNA evidence will be retested in the investigation of the unsolved 1996 slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said the hope is that more information can be gleaned from the DNA evidence.

"As part of the ongoing investigation into the death of Jon Benet Ramsey, the Boulder Police Department continues to discuss and evaluate evidence with the Boulder District Attorney’s Office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

"With the emergence of new DNA testing technology, the Boulder Police Department is working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations to determine if this new technology could further this investigation.

"Members of the Boulder Police Department will not be participating in interviews related to this investigation or make further comments about the possible testing of evidence related to this investigation. Department officials will continue to reserve any additional comments until there is new information to announce," the Boulder Police Department said in a statement.