Ted Cruz: We have the opportunity to revive the rule of law in America

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke at the 2016 Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, where the convention theme was “The Jurisprudence and Legacy of Justice Scalia.” Sen. Cruz spoke about Justice Scalia’s legacy and the need to appoint strong, constitutionalist judges to the Supreme Court and throughout the federal judiciary.

“The loss of Justice Scalia helped shape the recent presidential election as a referendum on his ideas: Would Americans choose to be ruled by the Constitution as written, or would they be ruled instead by unelected activist judges with life tenure,” Sen. Cruz said. “…President-elect Trump assured the American people that, if elected, he would nominate constitutionalists in the mold of Justice Scalia. So in a very real respect, Justice Scalia was on the ballot as well. And thanks to the historic victory we saw last week, it gives me immense pleasure to say that the People have spoken and Justice Scalia has won as well.”

Cruz continued: “And that’s fitting because Justice Scalia never lost faith in the American people; he never lost faith in the goodness and the ability of Americans to govern ourselves. We now have an historic opportunity to return to the Constitution. We have an historic opportunity to restore integrity to the federal government.”