Jill Stein slams Hillary Clinton for joining recount effort

Hillary Clinton's campaign said it will take part in efforts to push for recounts in several key states, joining with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who has raised millions of dollars to have votes recounted in Wisconsin.

After the Clinton team announced they were joining the recount effort, Stein responded by criticizing Hillary on Twitter.


  1. Only Hillary Clinton, a person who is completely and totally lacking in character and integrity, could even show her face in public. Anybody with a "smidgen" of integrity would hide in shame! How did this country produce such a corrupt person!!!

  2. Jill Stein asks in a tweet why would Hillary Clinton want to join in on her Recount. My question is really this. Jill Stein, why do YOU want a recount? Because three so-called computer "experts" said there was fraud in these states? Or because George Soros and the Democratic Party lined your pockets?

    I am SO glad no one took your campaign seriously. You are too STUPID to be POTUS, when you cannot realize that you are being used as a shill for the Democrats and Soros.

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