FBI: OSU attacker inspired by Islamic State, al-Qaeda

The FBI says a Somali-born student who carried out a car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University might have been inspired by the Islamic State group along with a former al-Qaeda leader.

Authorities also released the full list of victims in Monday's attack. The preliminary investigation report lists 13 victims, but only 11 were treated for injuries.

Anderson Payne, 28, Galloway, Ohio - Welding Engineering - Moderate injury treated

Keria Straughsbaugh, 27, Columbus, Ohio - Moderate injury treated

Kaylee Hoffner, 22, Batavia, Illinois - Material Science and Engineering - Moderate injury treated

Anthony DiCocco, 21, Dublin, Ohio - Welding Engineering - Apparent broken bones; moderate injury treated; possible internal injury

Kristopher L Waninger, 21, Dublin, Ohio - Welding Engineering - Apparent broken bones; minor injury treated

Marc Coons, 29, Columbus, Ohio - Chemistry - Moderate injury treated

Katherine Schultz, 19, South Park, Pennsylvania - Accounting - Moderate injury treated

Pavel Sergeev, 23, Russia - Educational Studies - Moderate injury treated

William Clark, 68, hometown unlisted -  Professor Emeritus of Material Science Engineering - Apparent broken bones, moderate injury treated

Theron Ellinger, age unlisted, non student - TTM Traffic Management - injuries unlisted

Elisabeth Sturges, 20, Amherst, Ohio - Materials Science and Engineering - Minor injury treated

Linda Rager, 20, Katy, Texas - Materials Science and Engineering - Minor injury, no treatment

Max Wieneke, 21, Berea, Ohio - Minor injury, no treatment