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Dan Butcher is the owner of HPP Media. He is recognized as one of the leading conservative media broadcasters and writers in the country.

Founded in 2009, HPP Media is a 24/7 media organization that informs people and engages with them about public policy, politics, government and national issues.

HPP Media websites include High Plains Pundit, High Plains Pundit TV, and High Plains Talk Radio.

Dan is available for interviews and speaking engagements. If you would like to book Dan for an interview or event, please email us at

Do you want to write for HPP Media?

We are looking for guest contributors! If you have the gift of writing we want to hear from you.

Launched in 2009, HPP Media is a dynamic news and information media outlet that serves millions of listeners, readers, and viewers across Texas, the United States, and world.

Here are the qualifications we expect of contributors:

1. You are a credible, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert.

2. Even if you’re not a professional writer, you feel ready to write interesting articles.

3. You are willing to provide timely, accurate and fair information with proper attribution of your sources as appropriate.

4. You are willing to contribute on a regular basis to build and keep your audience.

5. You are interested in creating the highest quality articles possible and are open to feedback if it is provided.

Join us to begin enjoying the benefits, including:

1. Exposure: Build your readership with visibility on HPP Media, our mobile site and through various website partnerships.

2. Platform: Publishing through our website allows you to take advantage of our built-in Search Engine Optimization and social marketing tools.

What will you get in return?

1. A piece read by thousands through our social networks via Facebook, Twitter, and others and via email through our subscribers.

2. A chance to promote your own website, blog, or cause via a link in your bio at the end of your article.

3. Our readers may become your new readers.

What are we looking for?

1. Any various political or current events topic that you are knowledgeable about.

2. A piece that is between 500-1200 words and with linked sources, should the information or article require it. Longer articles will be considered, but we may require you to break them up into multiple parts.

3. A concise or catchy headline.

4. A creative picture to go along with your article. Photobucket is a great place for pictures, but if you have the rights to use a picture found elsewhere then that is cool too.

5. It must be your original piece. Trackbacks and linkbacks are allowed after it is posted on our site – we encourage it!

6. It must be clean. We love witty and even sarcastic articles if that is your style, but we do not allow profanity or racism.

7. Stay away from the conspiracy theories – we aren’t a fan of those.

8. Do your homework and make sure that it is factually accurate.

If you are interested in contributing to HPP Media, please contact us by email at

NOTE: Contributors are not paid employees or contractors of HPP Media.

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