High Plains Pundit has business relationships with several third party advertising sources: Amazon, Google Adsense, Blog Talk Radio, and Spreaker. All of these companies serve ads without consultation with site publishers.

While High Plains Pundit is getting paid indirectly by the political candidates, companies, causes, etc, whose ads appear in those spots, we have no relationship with those advertisers and our editorial policies will not be influenced by the fact they’re placing ads on our site via a third party source.

High Plains Pundit does not sell advertising directly to the public. All of our ad revenue is generated through third party advertising sources.

High Plains Pundit average monthly audience numbers:

15.5 million page views

High Plains Pundit Radio average monthly audience numbers:

725,000 unique listeners

High Plains Pundit TV average monthly audience numbers:

325,000 unique viewers

HPP Daily News Letter:

42,000 subscribers to the daily news letter delivered via email

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