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Several people accuse Amarillo neurosurgeon of sexual abuse

Amarillo neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey D. Cone has been accused of  sexually abusing several people. On Tuesday, the family of a teen boy filed a million dollar lawsuit in Potter County District Court against Cone.

"We are going to take everything this man has and do everything the law allows to make him pay for this horrible crime.

"The amount of damages is substantial and well in excess of the jurisdictional minimums of this Court. Due to the extreme nature of Defendant’s conduct and devastating degree of injury caused by such conduct, Plaintiffs seek actual and punitive damages in the amount of over $1,000,000.00," attorney Kevin Glasheen said.

Court documents state that Cone had been the plaintiff's personal doctor since the age of 9 months. The plaintiff started working in Cone's office at age 15.

"Soon after Plaintiff Doe began working for Dr. Cone, Dr. Cone began buying Plaintiff Doe expensive gifts. He would ask Plaintiff Doe to stay after the clinic closed, sometimes until 8:00 or 9:00 at night, to help him “read MRIs.”

"Over the course of an extended period, Defendant Dr. Cone utilized his position as a medical doctor to manipulate Plaintiff Doe into allowing Dr. Cone to sexually molest and assault him.

"Dr. Cone exploited Plaintiff Doe’s trust as his medical doctor and convinced Plaintiff Doe that his sexual molestation was medical treatment to help him with his back pain," the lawsuit states.

Glasheen said the alleged sexual abuse was discovered in October, and took place over the past year.

By late Tuesday afternoon, Glasheen said that ten other people had contacting his law office claiming to have been sexual abused by Cone. According to Glasheen, all four of the individuals detailed similar experiences with Dr. Cone as the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

We have reached out to the Amarillo Police Department to see if there is currently a criminal investigation into the sexual abuse accusations against Cone.

"How is this going to affect them now for the rest of their lives? Why did that happen? Am I responsible for making that happen? Should I have stopped him? Should I have let him do that?

"It's a terrible burden to put on a young person when they're to figure out who they are and how they're going to relate to the world," Glasheen said.

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