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Scam warning from the APD and BBB

Here is some information from the Better Business Bureau about calls the Amarillo Police Department has received questions about.

Consumers are asking about calls they received from their own phone number. The BBB has seen a rise in these calls today after an influx of spoofed calls started appearing on people’s phones late last night.

Scammers disguise their phone number with your phone number on caller ID to make it appear you are receiving a call from yourself. Those who have answered the call tell BBB they are instructed by an automated message to enter the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number because there is a problem with their account.

The calls, while annoying may also be an attempt to steal your identity. The scammers want to convince you to say yes to an offer, disclose personal information or scare you into believing there is a problem with your account."

The BBB also provided tips about how to handle calls that you suspect are "spoofed" to look like they are coming from YOUR number or coming from an unknown number.

• Do not trust Caller ID. Your phone’s screen might display the number of a familiar and trusted person but it can be a fake.

•If you received a voice message with any sort of offer, do not call them back.

•If you answer and get a recorded message, do not press any buttons you are prompted to press. This can cause you to receive even more annoying calls in the future.

•Allow calls from your own or a familiar number to go to voice mail where you can monitor them better. Return the call only if you recognize who is calling.

You do not need to notify the APD of these calls unless you have actually been a victim and have lost money. If you have provided scammers with personal identifying information such as bank or other numbers, contact a representative to determine if you need to close or secure accounts.

The Better Business Bureau does provide a way track this type of scam AND get a great deal of valuable information about current and ongoing scams:

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