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Roy Moore admits he first noticed his wife when she was 15 years old

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said he first notice wife Kayla at a dance recital eight years before he formally met her. The then Kayla Kisor would have been as young 15 years old at the time.

In a videotaped interview published July 30, Moore recalled when he saw then-Kayla Kisor at a dance recital.

"When I was deputy district attorney, many years before we got married, I saw her at a dance recital and I was standing, oh, at the back of the auditorium and I saw her up front.

"I remember her name, it was Kayla Kisor. KK. But I remember that and I didn't meet her there, it was, oh gosh, eight years later or something, I met her. And when she told me her name, I remembered," Moore said during the interview.

Moore also wrote about the moment in his 2009 memoir "So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom,"

"I knew Kayla was going to be a special person in my life," Moore wrote about when he first saw her when she was 15 years old.

Moore notes in the book that he began dating Kayla when she was 23, a year before they married.

"Anxious to meet her, I began with the line, 'Haven't we met somewhere before?' 'I don't think so,' she replied," Moore wrote.

There's no evidence Moore had any other contact with his wife when she was a teenager. However, Moore has been accused of pursuing romantic relationships with and sexually abusing teenagers while in his 30s.

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