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Texas man charged with stealing $1.2 million in fajitas over nine years

A Texas man has been charged with felony theft after investigators linked him to scam where he allegedly stole more than $1.2 million worth of fajitas over the past nine years.

Former County Juvenile Justice Department employee Gilberto Escaramilla was arrested on a first-degree felony theft charge,

On August 7,  Escaramilla took the day off from work for a scheduled medical appointment. A delivery driver from Labatt Food Service in Harlingen called the Juvenile Justice Department’s kitchen to inform them of an 800-pound delivery of fajitas.

Since Escaramilla was not present, another co-worker took the call and informed the delivery must be mistaken since the Juvenile Justice Department does not serve fajitas.

The co-worker notified supervisors in the Juvenile Justice Department about the botched fajita deliver and an internal investigation was launched. After the investigation was launched, Escaramilla was fired on August 8. is fired.

Law enforcement arrested Escaramilla on August 9 and the DA’s Office Special Investigations Unit obtains a search warrant for his home. When officers searched Escaramilla’s house, they found packaged of fajitas in his refrigerator.

Escaramilla is alleged to have bought the fajitas using county resources in order to sell the product to his own customers. Several people who bought the fajitas from Escaramilla are now cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation.

As investigators begin to look at invoices, vouchers and purchase orders, they were able to determin that  $1,251,578 worth of fajitas have been stolen over the past nine years.

If it wasn’t so serious, you’d think it was a Saturday Night Live skit. But this is the real thing,” District Attorney Luis V. Saenz said.

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