Randall County GOP pulls support for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus

One of the most conservative Republican counties in the state has pulled its support for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

"It is our job to report what we do at Republican HQ for our county. Transparency is the best and always will be a part of our beliefs.

"This week the precinct chairs of Randall County came together and passed a resolution to instruct our representatives to vote against Joe Straus as speaker of the Texas Congress.

"We’ve heard the cries of our people and we are joining the dozens of counties already passing this resolution," the Randall County Republicans posted on its Facebook page.

Currently, over 50 Texas county GOP groups have passed some form of this this resolution.

The chair for precinct 415, Brennan Leggett, noted that the Randall County GOP simply want more conservative Speaker to replace Straus.

“We did not give any specific instruction on who to support other than someone who is not him and who is more conservative than he is.

“If someone steps out and they’re a firebrand conservative like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump that can seriously challenge him, we might see someone that our precinct chairs can actually tell John Smithee and Four Price to vote for that guy," Leggett told the Amarillo Globe News.

It appears that another group as started a new Facebook page in response to the Randall County GOP vote.

The newly formed Panhandle Republicans for Speaker Straus stated on its page that the "common sense conservative values espoused by Joe Straus has kept Texas a leader in the nation for responsible governance of all citizens!"

Straus' office and the administrator for the Panhandle Republicans for Speaker Straus Facebook page have not responded to our request for a comment.

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