Yes, Benghazi still matters

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had an opportunity to tell the truth about Benghazi right after it happened. The costs of coming clean would have been pocket change compared to the price they will have to pay when they face the music for their lies.

The State Department knew the facts on the ground in Cairo prior to Sept.11, 2012. The video became a convenient excuse. At the time, those with the most exposure for policy failures and other derelictions of official duty saw the very minor rumblings about the video from a tiny fraction of clerics with access to the internet as a godsend. A straw man. A red herring. That's all the video was. Period.

As previously reported, the Cairo rioting was driven by professional terrorists clamoring for the release of their imprisoned leader. They had been threatening for weeks to raid and torch the embassy. They indeed stormed it, and replaced the American flag with the jihadist black flag, and set fires around the complex.

At the same time the Obama administration was putting the video at the center of the Benghazi story, intelligence professionals and the U.S. officials on the ground in Libya were describing a precise attack carried out by al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists. An analysis from the DIA (Defense Intel. Agency) produced a day before Rhodes sent his email assigned blame for the attacks to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al Sharia in Libya.

The DIA report didn't mention a video. It adds to the still-growing body of memos and warnings from top U.S. officials. The top U.S. Intel. official on the ground in Libya repeatedly told Intel. staff in DC that the Benghazi operations were part of a planned mission by al-Qaeda affiliates. The top diplomat in the country said the same thing. Last week, a top intel. official for AFRICOM told Congress he shared the same view.

We are left with this reality: Top diplomats and Intel. officers in Libya offered assessments on the Benghazi attacks that were true and accurate when they made them and remain true and accurate today -- and will forever.

But top Obama administration officials ignored these assessments. Six weeks before the 2012 presidential election, those officials -- at the direction of White House communications and political strategists desperate to maintain the fiction that al-Qaeda was "on the run" -- lied to the public about how four Americans were killed in a sophisticated terror attack, carried out, on the anniversary of 9/11, by terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda.

This isn't getting upset about what Susan Rice said on TV to cover the missing liar's rear end. This is about four terrorist killings and the families of the victims being lied to by fraudsters in this administration.

Those are the facts. Obama and all of his people are liars. They have lied about many things before and after this premeditated terror campaign took place. Whenever reality gets in the way of a narrative favorable to the Cause and its ridiculous leader, the communications experts for the tyranny go to work and do their thing: lie to save face.

Liberals are always trying to ignore the indisputable fact that Obama and Hillary are known liars. Yet, they go on, like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills and fancying themselves as political and economic geniuses.

Because liberals willfully float, promote and defend frauds, they have become a sorry fraud. Liberals like Obama and Hillary will always be frauds until they humbly shift gears, set aside politics and ideology, and plant their feet on the ground of reality.

Call Benghazi a "birther" effort by hateful Republicans if they must. That's about all liberals got: empty and resentful words. Obama and Hillary are failures. Benghazi is just one case against him.

This happens everywhere tyranny gets a shot at power: they blow it big time.

For years the Soviets and their defenders struggled to bend facts, truth and logic to make it seem that they had the superior economic and social model. The rulers and the media tried to conceal reality from the people. Lies and fraud can fool most people for a time, but a collision with observable living truth eventually brings out the truth.

Benghazi is serious criminal conspiracies. The deny, delay, lie, blame others, plead-the-fifth and call-it-a-witch hunt progressive theatrical production has gotten old. Many liberals sound like the amateur meteorolgist who predicted a sunny and warm day when the Doppler saw tornadoes coming. Obama saw al-Qaeda decimated and on the run. Reality proved an inversion of that position.

Now everyone is asking what I've been asking here for over a year: where was Obama during what he knew from the get go to be a premeditated attack by al-Qaeda affiliates on the U.S.consulate in Benghazi? Soviet and Marxist scripts no longer have any credibility.

Sooner or later, after a party to a dispute is caught lying on one issue, the original presumption of truthfulness attached to his testimony becomes a presumption of dishonesty. The burden to establish the veracity of any post-deception declaration -- and of any evidence to back it -- shifts to the liar. President Obama has not come close to meeting that burden on anything for a long time.

Let's see where the facts lead us now, after more lies and frauds are put under the sunshine -- the best disinfectant indeed.

The cover up is what is now going to get them. It will take a lot for the media to hold back.

It has been obvious from about the first few days after the attack in Benghazi that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire administration staff lied about what happened that night. The "it was caused by a video" lie was exposed immediately and yet, for two weeks they pushed that story. Substantive and relevant information continued to reveal that all this led directly to Hillary's office and to the White House as well.

The left has narratives about everything, and advances them to manipulate the media and electorate. One is that the cause of Islamic discontent is "disrespect" by the West.

One clear fact is apparent here that Obama and Hillary Clinton were nowhere to be found during this horrific event. When the former President heard the news, Obama went to bed early because the next day he needed to be in Vegas, getting pictures taken, and making a speech for campaign cash.

Obama and Hillary let Ambassador Steven's get dragged through the streets, his body desecrated, and three other good American's get killed, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 no less.

And let's be clear, days later when the bodies arrived, Hillary was telling the families at the airport ceremony that it had been the video. It is inconceivable that she didn't know the truth then even if not immediately.

Not only was the cover-up of abandoning our brave fellow Americans criminal but the photo-op of Hillary Clinton standing next to the returned caskets of the four brave souls at Andrews Air Force base as she lied to the surviving families was despicable.

And even if Hillary claims she didn't know, she should have! And by the time the bodies were flown back to Dover, she certainly had time to discover the truth and launch her own investigation. Hillary is as complicit and as inept as Obama.

Some people are arguing that because Obama didn't "orchestrate the attack" on the American Consulate in Benghazi he is innocent of any wrongdoing -- and a victim of a witch hunt by racist haters. They further asserts that Republicans and conservatives are "beating a dead horse."

The attack by al-Qaeda affiliates on the U.S. compound, according CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell's sworn testimony before Congress, was known to be a coordinated and well planned terror attack by heavily armed jihadists right from the get go. Obama and his top White House aides were briefed as the attack was taking place live.

Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi. The video story was a fabrication by Ben Rhodes and other top communications staffers in the White House to protect Obama politically, as the email released yesterday proves. In fact, Mike Morrell and top intelligence officials never knew that Susan Rice would blame the video on TV for the fatal terror operation against the USA until they watched her lie her ass off in utter incredulity.

People who protect Obama by lying to cover up for his uselessness and cowardice get promoted. Susan Rice is now Obama's National Security Advisor, and Rhodes is Rice's Deputy for Strategic Communications and Speech-writing -- dog whistle for lying for the cause.

The evidence uncovered so far establishes beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that Obama and Hillary ran with the lie of the video and even promoted it on Pakistani TV, knowing all along that nowhere was there any mention of it in connection with Benghazi.

The political process is rigged in favor of Obama and Hillary. The Alinsky crisis management gospel is "deny, delay, lie, plead the fifth and call it a witch-hunt." It worked very well politically.

However, the legal process is immune from such antics. Judicial Watch's FOIA request for Benghazi-related documents swayed a judge to compel the production of the email that had originally been "classified" by the Obama administration. Now, the cat is out of the bag.

People who get charged criminally in federal investigations typically provoke the charges by lying to agents and end up doing time for obstruction of justice. If Obama and Hillary had come clean from the get go and admitted that their massive policy and intelligence failures, plus their inaction during the hostilities, caused the bloodshed, the matter would have been long closed.

In Watergate Nixon's aides didn't do time, and Nixon didn't resign, for ordering a burglary in a medical office. They were caught lying; that is criminally actionable.

Nobody died in Watergate. Nixon and his staff misled investigators and the press. They never lied to the nation and the world. Obama not only lied to Americans -- he also lied to the UN when he did his grandstanding about a "reprehensible video" that "offended Muslims."

It is clear now that the unrest in Cairo and other countries was primarily over America's failure to release the "Blind Shiek" as al-Qaeda had been demanding -- and that the YouTube video story was a fitting red herring to prevent the "al-Qaeda is decimated and on the run" falsehood that Obama parroted incessantly in his 2012 reelection campaign from being exposed as such.

Stay tuned!

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