Dow closes above 22,000 for first time

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had defeated Donald Trump, what would the economy look like. Continued crackdown on "unfair" hiring practices and lack of equal pay.  Continued negative-growth policies.  Continued mandatory ObamaCare.  Anti-business political hacks in every key Federal position.

We'd be looking at either a new recession, or continued 1% growth.  What we have now is far superior, and great prospects ahead, if only we can get the Congress to do the right things.

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 22,000 points for the first time, driven by a big gain in Apple on an otherwise mixed day for the market.

All the indicators are good right now:

- A perfect storm of low international energy prices and rising demand for U.S. fracked and traditional energy products.

- Renewed growth in U.S. chemicals and plastics thanks to cheap domestic energy.

- A trend to move factory production to the U.S., with a healthy boost from robotics and automation.

- Smart, private-sector oriented people put in control of FDA, EPA, FCC, Dept of Energy, Dept of Ed, and HHS.

- Ongoing de-regulation by executive order.

- Looming renegotiation of trade deals.

- A repaired Supreme Court and appointment of conservatives to the lower courts.

- De-emphasis on social justice at all levels of the Executive Branch.

The United States has a lot of potential to reach 5% annual economic growth.  Why not 8%?  10%?  We're capable of it.  We just need the political commitment and a voter base to support it.

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