Barry and Hillary certainly did their part to help create the Trump victory

The childishness of the anti-Trump folks and left wing news sites is breathtaking. I don't pretend to understand the workings of Trump's mind. I doubt that even Trump understands them. But he is the shock treatment the country needs.

So far he has choked off the illegal immigration, clamped down on homicidal Muslims, appointed conservatives to the courts, and rolled back pettifogging regulations. As my wife (who used to call him "the clown with the bad face") said: "He is doing all that a President may legally do on his own authority."

Trump voters would put it this way: "We don't need the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Every one of them can be replaced with somebody else for all we care. But we cannot get by without Trump in the White House. However plodding and distracting his administration may be, it is a work in progress that is becoming stronger. He has done all that a President can do on his own, according with the Constitution. Hopefully Congress will see its way clear to do more to help him, but if not, we are loyal to Trump alone."

Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, made horrific mistakes that helped push northern Africa into war torn chaos, with tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees, four American diplomats tortured and killed and dragged through the streets.  Her actions helped Russia buy 25% of U.S. uranium mines in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and Bill's half-million dollar junket to Moscow.

That's deaths, people.  Deaths and corruption.  And a disastrous pull-out of Iraq that didn't leave 10,000 residual troops necessary to maintain the alliance with the Sunni tribes, leading to the rise of ISIS and hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq and Syria.

Then there is Barack Obama's eight years of race baiting, the rise of Black Lives Matter and the recreational targeting of police officers by black gunmen and the continued high murder rates and thuggery among the black ghetto population in every city, totally ignored by Obama and his apologists.

The Democrats gleefully trolling the Trump Administration would have us forget these things.  Trump has called out the Democrats on these problems and they can never forgive him for that.

Yet, Trump is right, and he won the election. He is working on solutions.  So why not quiet down and let the grownups try to fix the mess the progressive left?  Just, go play outside.

Trump cares about the middle class. Every action and speech has indicated that.

You know who doesn't care about the middle class?  The progressive Democratic Party.  All they care about is the entitlement/dependent classes and the ultra rich limousine progressives that support entitlements.

After listening to eight years of Obama lecturing the working people and businessmen that we "didn't build that", that we must "spread the wealth around", it's refreshing to have a man in the job who believes business is essential to building wealth.  It's such a sea change in fact that most progressives just don't get it.  The world has changed, and you're standing there in the backwash, trying to get back to Obama's fantasy world which is gone forever.

OK let's talk about some of Trump's accomplishments to date:

1. Jobs.  The stock market has skyrocketed since the election.  Thousands of jobs have been added, thousands more planned.  Major foreign manufacturers including Foxconn are opening plants in the U.S.  Major U.S. manufacturers are planning to expand in the U.S.  Energy is growing; Gulf Coast refineries are expanding to accommodate a vast new export market in oil and gas. Chemicals and plastics industries are expanding in the U.S. thanks to cheap fracked gas -- something Obama opposed.

2. Economic prospects - the U.S. is projected to grow 2.6% this year, possibly 4% next year.  We might reach 5% growth, a rate unheard of in recent decades.  This will bring massive revenue to state and federal treasuries to offset pension liabilities and deficits.

3. The Supreme Court has been repaired, and the likely retirement of Ginsburg would allow another opportunity to cement a centrist/conservative majority.  Liberals may hate this, but a left-leaning Court has proven disastrous in the past.  A centrist/conservative Court provides stability and predictability which is vital for political progress and economic growth.

4.  Trump's hyperbolic comments regarding inaugurations and political opponents are just that.  Is it really any worse than Barack Obama standing up at a podium and saying, with a straight face, that business people did not build America?  ("You didn't build that!").  Is Trump more dishonest than Obama lying through his teeth? ("You can keep your plan", etc.) - bald-faced lies that his team knew were untruths even as he spoke them.  Millions of people lost their health plans, and lost their doctors, period.  Defend that, then come back and complain about Trump's "lies".

The "carnival" atmosphere of the Trump administration is a fabrication of the progressive leftist media.  Obama's era was a parade of incompetence and grievous errors, yet was given almost a free pass by most of the media except for conservatives.  They were afraid to offend because of his color, apparently.

For one trivial example:  Obama strained to paint Islam as "the Religion of Peace" despite its thousands of acts of terror year after year, its oppression of Christians and other religious minorities, and the many wars raging in Islamic regions.  Then, to further insult our intelligence, he strained to paint Christianity as a violent religion, citing the Crusades of 1,000 years ago as proof.

Another:  Obama's 8 years of race baiting.  In nearly every speech, he talked about race.  OK, yeah, the blacks in America had a rough time.  So did millions of others, and we've bent over backward to emancipate the blacks, so give us a break.

Obama was a highly intelligent smooth talking con man thrust into a job far above his level of competence and experience.

If you want to understand why Trump was elected for better or worse, look in the rearview mirror. Obama and Hillary certainly did their part to help create the Trump victory.

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