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Trump nominates Jon Huntsman to be U.S. ambassador to Russia

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Russia.

"Governor Jon Huntsman has had a distinguished career as a politician, diplomat, and businessman. He currently serves as Chairman of both the Atlantic Council, a premier foreign policy think tank, and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

"His robust record of public service includes service as U.S. Ambassador to China and to Singapore, Deputy United States Trade Representative, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade Development. He was also twice elected Governor of Utah.

"In the private sector he is a director on numerous corporate boards including Hilton, Chevron, Ford Motor Company, and Caterpillar. He and his wife Mary Kaye are the parents of seven children," the White House said in a statement.

Huntsman has served as an ambassador before. Under President Barack Obama, he was U.S. ambassador to China, and under President George H.W. Bush, he was ambassador to Singapore.

Tuesday's announcement ends months of delay in formalizing the appointment amid rocky relations between the U.S. and Russia.

The Washington Post reports:

"The White House confirmed in March that it would name Huntsman to the Russia post. But delayed formally naming him and sending the nomination to the Senate for confirmation as the United States waited for the Kremlin to approve his selection.

"The Kremlin approved Huntsman's appointment Monday night about the same time that the United States approved Russian politician Anatoly Antonov to serve as Russia's ambassador in Washington, according to a person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to speak publicly about pending appointments. Ambassadors must be approved by the governments of the countries that will host them."

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