Senate GOP scrambles after health care flop

President Donald Trump declared Tuesday it's time to "let Obamacare fail" after the latest GOP health care plan crashed and burned in the Senate, a failure for Trump, Mitch McConnell and a party that has vowed for years to abolish the law.

The Dems accuse the GOP of lacking "bipartisan cooperation".  The ACA was rammed through the Senate and signed by the President without a single Republican vote.  How was that "bipartisan"?

It was a job killing disaster from the start, and will only get worse over time; people on the "exchanges" are essentially on Medicare, and doctors all across the country are walking away from Medicare patients because of the low reimbursements.  What's the point of a multi-trillion dollar program if the docs won't play?

Health insurance in the U.S. has been overregulated for decades now.  The ACA is merely the culmination of a series of bad policy decisions.

The best thing would be to kill the ACA, open up inter-state markets, and allow market forces combined with tort reform to drive down medical costs.  In the long run, this is the only real solution to our over priced medical care problem.

To "fix" health care, the Senate and the House should:

1. Health savings accounts that would be topped-off directly by government for the very poor and neediest.

2. Beyond the HSAs that people would use to pay for all routine medical services, true catastrophic portable health insurance.

3. Enact tort reform to reduce defensive medicine, over-testing, turfing problem patients, and general reluctance to take on more patients.

4. Do away with government designed insurance and state insurance barriers. Deregulate insurance markets and take away the power of state insurance commissions which treat insurance companies like private fiefdoms

5. Do away with most government regulation but require transparency of pricing.

6. Repeal the EMR requirement which is a crippling burden for small medical practices.  Obama thought destroying sole practices and forcing smaller clinics to merge with larger hospital groups was a good thing, another step toward centralized socialized medicine.  However it did not improve quality of medical care, actually hurt quality of medical care, and raised costs.

7. Repeal the various ACA taxes:  the 3.8% arbitrary tax, the medical instruments excise tax that is killing America's medical instruments industry, and the personal tax.

8. Repeal the most expensive and extreme requirements such as gender reassignment, fertility, pediatric dentistry etc.

9. Allow high deductible, low-premium plans again, so that individual working people will be able to once again pay for their own plans and choose their own doctors.

10. Get rid of the exchanges. Fund free/low-fee clinics in the big cities, to fill the gap for those caught between jobs and no funds to pay for health insurance.  A few billion into these clinics would be a great investment, compared to a trillion dollars wasted on the Obamacare boondoggle.

These are just a few ideas I've had, and others have proposed, over the past few years to get our health care system into the modern era.  A vast, centralized, socialized system is not the way to go.

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