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Republicans need to quit dragging their feet

For years the American electorate has had two choices: Democrats, the party of more big government; and Republicans, the party of slightly less more big government. The two parties interchanged control, but the country remained on the same path to excessive growth of the federal government, expansion of it outside of its Constitutional boundaries, and excessive debt funding failed government policies.

The Republican leadership was complicit in this expensive loss of our liberty because they became captured by Washington, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the other centers of cultural elitism. They wanted to belong and get paid. They allowed the left and its lackeys in the legacy media to define the terms of every discussion.

Donald Trump does not act like this bipartisan elite thinks a President should act. He does not talk like they think a President should talk. THAT'S WHY WE ELECTED HIM!

If the Republicans in Congress keep dragging their feet they are going to halt the momentum that Trump built early on with his positive attitude and enthusiasm. He is up against a very powerful internal dynamic of the economy, something almost as difficult as trying to part the waters.

The business cycle has a life of its own and a full cycle runs from about six or seven years to some eight or nine years, and we are about due for another downturn. What happens is that the economy goes through a period of growth during which it develops some excesses and other parts become obsolete. Then all of that comes together and there is a downward turn of the business cycle and a cleansing of what no longer works.

I have very much suspected that Trump was going to inherit a downward turn, not of his own doing or Obama's, but just the normal result of a very powerful dynamic. Trump's election created an euphoria among investors that may have dampened the downward turn and kept it from going into negative numbers. But to keep it going, Trump has to maintain the momentum his election created.

If the Republicans can't get their act together, then I'm afraid we will have another recession very soon.

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