On Twitter, Trump keeps up criticism of Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be seen departing the White House on Wednesday morning even as President Donald Trump isn't letting up on his Twitter criticism of the Attorney General.

At so many times over the past year I have thought Trump's statements and actions to be so juvenile, inappropriate, unprofessional and outlandish that a breaking point had been reached and that others in his Administration, Congress, and even the President's supporters would say enough is enough. These repeated attacks against Sessions over the last several days are yet another new level of shamefulness.

Trump refuses to fire Sessions because he would be leveled by the blowback. So he keeps turning up the heat, thinking surely Sessions will bow out voluntarily so Trump can make a recess appointment--not subject to Senate confirmation--of a "yes man" willing to do his bidding and fire Mueller.

Sessions isn't taking the bait. You may not like Sessions, but he was a U.S. Senator far too long to pave the way for Trump to make a non-Senate-confirmed recess appointment. And whatever you think of his policies as Attorney General, his recusal shows he does appreciate the rule of law.

Thus far, Sessions has refused to be complicit. Regardless, Sessions is too wiley a bird not to be forcing Trump's hand for a reason.

Were it anyone else, this would beg the question why Trump doesn't meet with Sessions to air his grievances and make a decision to fire him or not. Can you imagine the reaction if a CEO handled her/his gripes with her/his staff in the same public way?

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