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Moment like these: Longview, Texas police officers help mow disabled veteran's yard

Two officers with the Longview Police Department are being recognized after they mowed the lawn of a disabled veteran.

From the Longview Police Department FB page:

"There are times in the police profession that we understand why we’re really excited about this job. The days and nights of high speed pursuits, foot chases, drug arrests, and arrests of someone who needs to be taken off the streets are the instances where our blood pressure soars, and we get that feeling of exhilaration. We think this is why we became officers.

However, there are times in our profession where acts of kindness expose a brighter shine, we notice a complete stranger a person who is in need of a smile, a short conversation, a meal, a ride, a window repaired, a tire changed, an appearance at a special event, or just a simple act of kindness.

"When I was contacted on July 5 about Officer Duncan and Officer Preston mowing a yard, I was not surprised, just elated that our officers are noticing those in need. These are times we get excited as a 27 year veteran officer teaches a rookie officer, who is still in field training, that there is more to our profession than “catching the bad guys.” We get out of our patrol car and interact with the community, build relationships, and take our profession to new levels. Our officers recognize when members of our community like Robert Upshaw in need of a little help. These are the moments I am proud to be a police officer, a police officer in Longview Texas. This act is not only a flicker of light in our community but a spark that is intended to reunite communities. Robert told us the next day a group of kids from his old neighborhood came and trimmed his yard and trees. These are the acts that build community.

"I know there are more acts like this that are performed daily. Acts that neither myself or the community is aware of. Officers like to get recognition for the exciting arrests and good police work, but it is times like these that our profession really shines. The recognition is not the officer’s ambition. We like to do these great deeds and retreat to the next one without being seen. Fortunately we have wonderful citizens that see these acts of kindness, snap a quick photo or video, and capture these wonderful moments. I believe there is a video and additional pictures that were taken of this act of kindness. If you have either a picture or video, please send them to my email at Also any time acts of kindness are captured and you would like to share them with the police department, please forward them to me."

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