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Democrats attempt to rebrand themselves with new slogan and populist agenda

Democratic leaders are attempting to rebrand the party with a new slogan and a populist agenda as they look ahead to the 2018 midterms.

I'm happy for progressives. You vote your convictions, and you get the results you voted for.

Progressive politics and effective governance do not go hand-in-hand. Progressive politics is about bribing narrow constituencies into voting a group of politicians into perpetual power, so that they can buy off narrow constituencies, and use government's coercive power to implement social experiments that are doomed to failure.

Effective governance is about being concerned for taxpayers and the public good. These old-fashioned values seem to have disappeared, without anybody noticing it, some time ago.

It takes breakdowns and catastrophes for voters to distinguish between the two, and to get so fed up that they force politicians and bureaucrats to change. We may need a few more breakdowns in places like New York, Illinois, and California, and for those voters to rebel, before change will be effectuated.

Leftist ideology doesn't work in the real world. Leftist economics don't work in the real world. Those are observable facts.

The Constitution recognizes that citizens, individually and collectively, have natural rights that are derived from our Creator. In the interest of order and the common good, we grant some of these rights--a specifically and deliberately limited set--to government.

At some point, government began reversing this order--beginning with the Progressive Era and accelerating through the New Deal, the Great Society, and the Obama overreach. Now we have a large group of miseducated people who see government as a grantor, rather than a grantee, of rights.

In a limited government, people are left to decide many things for themselves. These things are decidedly outside of politics, as they should be.

The Church you go to is your own business, not the governments.

How to educate your children is your own business. Yet the government and union-run schools are rife with ideological indoctrination of our children.

Finance is not, or should not be, a political construct. One person wants to loan money; another wants to borrow. Government may play a role in establishing and supporting laws to ensure that the terms of the transaction are fully disclosed; government may support the establishment of markets. Government should not dictate the terms of the financing, such as who gets money.

Once politics becomes involved in finance, money is misdirected based on political ideology rather than based on market decisions (meaning, the aggregated decisions of millions of people about how they want to spend their own money).

In case some people haven't noticed, we already have a two-class society: those who contribute and those who receive. The upper 10% of income earners pay 50% of federal taxes; the bottom 50% pay nothing and most receive government transfer payments. We are thus incenting people to do little, and punishing those who do a lot.

Progressives, at their core, are socialists. Socialist believe that all wealth is the result of some crime committed by the "haves" against the "have-nots." They spin this invented concept into narratives that are used to hector political opponents, manipulate the media, and manipulate a large portion of the populace that doesn't delve deeply enough into the construct of these narratives to question them.

After 8 years of full-fledged assault on free market capitalism, it is logical to assume there will be even more such in the coming years if a progressives gain more power.

Conservatives have to pound the message that government is not the solution. That individual effort is the key. This will not resonate with the liberal left. They simply don't understand markets or they distrust markets.

I'm guessing there is a large enough percentage of Americans who inherently understand that the government causes many more problems than it purports to solve. I'm guessing there are enough that would understand an elected official who would say, we propose to get out of your way, so you are free to make your own decisions in your own best interest, and to provide necessary minimal government backstops in cases of extreme destitution.

Lack of personal responsibility, civility and class were well into their decline before this last election. What most fail to understand is that the coarseness American culture suffers from, especially in liberal precincts, closely parallels the rise of liberal moral relativism and the decline of religious faith in the last 50 years.

Principled behavior is a natural consequence of belief in you reap what you sow. The coin of freedom has another side, responsibility for your actions, or inaction, whatever the case may be.

For years the American electorate has had two choices: Democrats, the party of more big government; and Republicans, the party of slightly less more big government. The two parties interchanged control, but the country remained on the same path to excessive growth of the federal government, expansion of it outside of its Constitutional boundaries, and excessive debt funding failed government policies.

The Republican Party leadership was complicit in this expensive loss of our liberty because they became captured by Washington, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the other centers of cultural elitism. They wanted to belong and get paid. They allowed the left and its lackeys in the legacy media to define the terms of every discussion.

Donald Trump does not act like this bipartisan elite thinks a President should act. He does not talk like they think a President should talk. THAT'S WHY WE ELECTED HIM!

Many progressives are apoplectic. I mean, walking around in tears, bemoaning the end of civilization, that sort of thing.  Some are out in the streets, burning Trump effigies as is done in Iran and other primitive 3rd world regions.  Some are openly tweeting for "presidential assassination".

Unbelievable.  It's good the election had this outcome, just to expose the stupidity, shallowness, and treachery of the progressive mind.

During the Obama administration's new progressive era, citizens and business somehow became the enemies of our federal government, which launched attacks on us and our rights verbally, legally, and in regulation. The net effect of this was to concentrate power and wealth in Washington and among the smug liberal elites who are certain they know what is best for all of us and that, in our ignorance, we should be forced to comply.

This is expressly not the intent of our limited federal government.

The voters rejected this agenda by voting for the Great Disruptor, Donald Trump. In truth, they would have done it sooner if not stymied by the Progressive narrative that voting against Obama was "racist." Okay, progressives, you got away with that one, but no more.

It's time for a major housecleaning and downsizing in Washington. Let's start today.

America does not want to be ruled by a smug, know-it-all progressive elite that seizes control of the federal government to force us to align with their false leftist narratives.

If Democrats want to be relevant again, they should try using the actual methods of science--assess what works and why, and advocate for more of it--instead of trying to twist and distort isolated facts to fit a predetermined ideological narrative. Progressive economics do not work. They have never worked.

Every twenty or thirty years, Americans forget how disastrous progressive governance is and allow themselves to be manipulated into electing radical leftists to office--Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama most recently.

Since progressive policies would never be accepted at face value, leftists are obliged to lie to us, to manipulate the media, and to use the force of the federal government to coerce compliance. Control over the mechanisms of government and a compliant media confuse Progressives into thinking that they are getting away with it.

The 2016 elections reminded them that the American people, whom they disparage and observe like zoo animals, are not stupid. Progressive government has been turned out of power for the next 20 or 30 years. Good riddance.

This leaves progressives threadbare and empty of ideas. They never had new ideas anyway, just tired old ones that didn't work. May they return to the center, so that we again have two parties that care about all Americans.

Democrats have no power. They will have to run in two years on the basis of what they have done in a Trump Presidency. They have two choices: obstruct, or be constructive.

They can say what they want to about working with Trump, but they're going to have a hard time accommodating themselves to what that means. They have spent the last 8 years running roughshod over the norms of governance, and Republicans--whom they see as worse enemies than Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

It says here that they will obstruct, complain, demonize, whine, criticize, hector, and try to manipulate the media and electorate to go along.

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