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Charlie Gard's parents back in court: Want to take son home to die

In a new court hearing, Charlie Gard's parents say they want to take their son home to die.

A lawyer for the parents accused Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) of putting "obstacles" in the way of Baby Charlie being taken home to die. Grant Armstrong, counsel for Charlie's parents, said their last wish was to be able to take their son home but that they had been led to believe that transfer across London was "problematic".

"We struggle with the difficulties the hospital is placing in the way of the parents having a... short period of time before the final act in Charlie's short life," Armstrong told the court.

GOSH spokesperson Katie Gollop said the hospital would like to fulfill the parents' wishes if it was practical.

"The care plan must be safe, it must spare Charlie all pain, it must protect his dignity, at the same time it must honour his parents' wishes about the time and place of his passing, and it has to balance Charlies interests and his parents' needs," Gollop said.

The judge in this latest hearing is expected to rule on the parent's request as soon as Wednesday.

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