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What was the relationship between Russia and former President Obama during 2016 election?

We must now have an investigation into the relationship between Russia and former President Obama during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Here are a few questions:

-If Obama knew the Russians were interfering as long as a year ago, why didn't he do anything about it?

-What was Loretta Lynch doing in the tarmac of a remote airport in a private plane meeting with Bill Clinton?

-What is this business of the Russians gaining control of 20% of our uranium and Bill's speaking fees in Russia doubled when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State?

-Why was Obama telling the then president of Russia in an aside caught by an open mike that he "tell Vladimir that he would have more flexibility after the election"

-Why did James Comey's people give a pass to Hillary's people on the email affair when it was clear they didn't have the required clearances?

-Did Comey throw the investigation of Hillary's emails at AG Lynch's direction?

-Why has Special Counsel Mueller hire so many Clinton operatives but not a single lawyer who identifies with Trump?

I could go on and on but that should suffice as matters that should be investigated if the Special Counsel is really as neutral as it's claimed.

The Russians didn't affect the election. Here's what did it:

1. Bill Clinton talks to Loretta Lynch at  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

2. Comey hears about it and assumes, correctly, that it is an attempt to obstruct his investigation of Hillary's unauthorized private server.

3. Comey goes public with the investigation because he knows Lynch will otherwise suppress it.

4. Comey usurps DOJ authority to become the judge. He declares Ms. Clinton stupid, but not a criminal.

5. Comey discovers 30,000 of the missing emails that Hillary stole from the State Department on Hullah Abdullah's Iphone. The docs were snuggled next to pix of Anthony Weiner's gonads.

6. The biggie: It was coincidental that Hulla Abdullah married the guy who triggered an independent FBI investigation when he broadcast pix of his gonads to a worldwide audience.

7. Comey announces  the investigation is reopened. Ms. Clinton tanks 11 points and loses the election. Weiner's galloping gonads sunk Hillary.

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